Our Story

From parties to past lives, a conversation between friends.

Michelle and Kinsey met over a hot dog, never looked back and decided to start a podcast.

We are here to ask ourselves, and our friends the hard hitting and silly questions about what makes them, them.

Kinsey Good

Kinsey Good , co-host of Good Girls Don't, is a proud sister-in-law to her co-host Michelle Good and a loving cat mom to Steve French (Stevie).

Kinsey loves to ski, bike, and enjoy good food and wine. Her perfect Saturday involves a hot cup of tea and an F1 Qualifying, followed by a good brunch, a bike ride and a brewery.

Kinsey volunteers in her spare time with My Grandfather's Cat, a charity that holds a big space in her heart.

Michelle Good

Michelle Good aka Mich is stoked to be kinseys bff, and married to her (less fun) twin brother.

Michelle is a loving cat mother to her son from birth Herbie. She is a proud swiftie, coffee addict, and self proclaimed lover of all things outdoors.

Additional hobbies include trying to meet her yearly goodreads goal, finding the best bottle of wine under $15, and seeing how many F45 classes its possible to attend a week.